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Welcome to Molly's Corner 

Hi, I'm Molly and I'm nine years old. My Mom is Steph and she gave me this section of her website to share my stories and talk about the things that matter to me the most. I'm very passionate about the environment, animals and equality for everyone. 

According to my teacher and and my parents I've become a good writer. So I'd like to start sharing some of my stories here on my Mom's website with you. I hope you enjoy. 

Occasionally my Mom agreed that I can choose a charity to support. I'll write a story inspired by that cause and my Mom will create a cookie for me to sell on this section with proceeds going to my charity of choice. Stay tuned. Thanks for reading!! 


Pollution: What happens to the Earth? 

By: Molly

Chapter 1: On Land

When the garbage truck comes it goes to a land fill, and sometimes the ocean. It can effect the nature around the land fill. For instance it can hurt the animals by getting trapped in their throats or on them and they won't be able to walk, breathe, or fly. Sometimes if it makes it's way into the streams, rivers or ponds the fish won't be able to breathe because it can get into their gills. If animals drink it they can get terribly sick! 

Chapter 2: The Ocean 

Garbage will do the same in the ocean. The fish will get sick and won't be capable of breathing! If you were a sea turtle you might be looking for a delicious jellyfish to eat. You'll find one and eat it but then realize it wasn't a jellyfish but a plastic bag! Sea turtles can die if they eat a plastic bag that they've mistaken for a jellyfish. 

Conclusion: Please reduce your use of plastic and do not litter! 

Examples of how to reduce plastic: 

1. When going to the store, bring re-usable bags instead of using plastic ones. 

2. Drink from a re-usable water bottle instead of a plastic one. 

3. use re-usable bags for your fruits and veggies instead of the plastic ones they have in the produce section. 


Problem in the Rain Forest

by, Molly 

Jungle Waterfall

Megan and Oko are friends. Megan is a jaguar and Oko is a black leopard, they live South America in the Amazon. Every day after lunch the two head to Soral the green anaconda, he is the biggest and oldest snake in the forest. He always has a task for them. Whether it's cleaning a toucan nest, or saving the rain forest from humans destroying trees or kidnapping innocent animals, they're always happy to help. 

Today they had a different mission because Soral called them through messenger bird, aka a Tweeter. The tweeter said they have to come to Soral's house immediately. They ran as fast as they could. But they were stopped by a swarm of beetles.


"Let us through!" asked Oko. 

"Sorry", said the lead beetle Heart. 

The beetles let them through and they ran through the trees to Soral's house. But he was not there. Only a small note that read: 

"I and fifteen snakes were captured, and we are in Mexico being taken to a zoo!, HELP US PLEASE!! " 

"OH NO!" said Megan and Oko at the same time. 

They went to go tell the other forest creatures. They told them they need brave and strong forest animals to defend the forest while they were gone. Heart and the other swarms of beetles said they would help, same with the spider monkeys. Then Toca the toucan came flying uncontrollably. 

"Help!" Toca said, "the humans have polluted the river!!!!!" 

The entire forest gasped and fell silent in fear. Until Megan and Oko said, "why?" with their voices trembling. 

"I don't know", said Toca. 

All of the animals that have tried to drink the water have fallen terribly sick. 

"Take the spider monkeys and the beetles with you" Megan said, "Oko and I will go to Mexico and rescue the captured snakes". 

They returned five weeks later with the captured animals safe and sound. Toca returned to tell them that some humans have started to helping clean up the river. But other humans have started cutting down the trees and now the animals are homeless. We've asked them to stop and some of them did. Some of the humans started to help make homes for the animals. It is slowly working but we need more help. 

The End. 


Go for a walk in the forest and pick up any garbage you see.