About Steph 

Hi! I'm Steph, welcome to my website. I'm the maker behind the cookies and pottery you'll find on here. I'm also a Mom to two wonderful girls and a wife to an amazing supportive husband. I've worked in many industries and always felt like I needed to do something more creative and for myself. 

I'm a self taught baker, It's always been a hobby to make delicious goodies for family and friends. Making sugar cookies started a couple of years ago and after I started getting better a couple of friends started asking to buy them and then I started this business journey. 

Pottery has always been a passion of mine, it started as a collection (and turned into a very large collection). For those that know me well, they know I have a vast collection of artisan pottery mugs in a huge array of techniques and designs. I started taking a couple of  pottery classes in 2018, then I got serious and started taking every class possible in 2020. A perk I never anticipated was the benefit it's had on  my mental health, it's become a nice meditative outlet. 

I hope you enjoy my site.